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We understand that each type of cancer is different and so is every patient. Personalised care has got much significance when it comes to cancer care and we offer top-notch services assisted with high-tech facilities and expert medical professional services. Comprehensive range of treatments and medical procedures are offered, tailoring them in a way to suit each patient’s individual medical requisites. Apart from medical care, counselling is given to the patients in order to make them capable of coping with the social stigma and mental stress caused by cancer. We have specialised clinics for head and neck cancer, musculoskeletal tumours, myeloma, paediatric oncology, leukaemia and lymphoma to ensure focused care for patients suffering from various types of cancers. Immunotherapy and screening test is done for early detection of cancer so that we can make treatment plan accordingly. Expert panel of doctors, pathologists and therapists work in collaboration to provide that best care that meets international standards in terms of quality and accuracy.