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(Founded on to help the poor patients)

The blind commercialization is one of the challenges faced bv the modern health care system. It's impact is immense. Majority of the poor and lower middle class people of the society had virtuallv denied high quality health care facility. As a reaction against this social injustice our Trust formed, that intended to become a beacon light for the oppressed majority: what move us forward is the strong impulse to serve the poor and needy. M.Dasan Memorial Medical Trust is the result of a consolidated initiative made by a handful of philanthropist. You too can become one with this life saving mission,by providing your help in any forms possible,such as financial,material or service aids. Our trust will make it available to the deserved patients through the service of Vadakara Sahakarana Hospital,an institution run by total public participation its functions as much needed platform to pool all the avilable modern medical facilities for the service people living on the edge. Instead of profit motive the welfare of victims of deadly diseased is our prime concern.

The Vision

Providing qualitative healthcare to the poor and needy irrespective of their social and financial background, and so becoming a haven for aching mind and body

Our Initatives

Social Awareness Programme
Making the people aware on the need to keep a sound mind in a sound body should be the ultimate aim of all health care activities. It is the utter ignorance from part of public regarding the simple rules of personal and social hygiene which paves the way for a sudden outbreak of an epidemic. Proper public awareness campaigning are the only remedy to check the spread of communicable diseases like avian flu, wheels etc. Apart from supporting the government initiated campaign, we plan so many health orientation programmes to the public such as health camp, school health services etc.
Health Camp
Our target population for the health camps are mainly people residing in coastal areas and remote tribai villages. By giving due weight to their practice of traditional medicare, we would give them supplementary information regarding the serious health hazards confronted by the society in general and their region in particular. Our integrated health care campaign involves a wide range of issues such as infant mortality importance of breast feeding,problems of malnutrition,communicable diseaes etc.
School Health Service
Since schooi is a miniarure form of the society,All health campaign should be school oriented. By inviting the attention of young minds to the burning issues oi health concerns,we are not only making them aware of the status quo,but also building up strong voulantry fence to defend the health hazards faced by the society.Childern are susceptible to nutritional and communicable diseases.And so the school provides an excellent opportunity for the early detection and prevention of communicable diseases.
Life style diseases
The blind rapidity of modern life style has caused enough damage to the harmonious blend of our mind and body. As a result our body develops diseases like Cancer, Hyper tension, Diabetics, Cardiac problems etc, Patient education regarding life style diseases and its prevention is highlighted in our initiatives.
Pain and Palliative Care
The pain and palliative home care Programme provides compassionate and fully charitable care for patients with advanced cancers and other incurable diseases. By giving psychological support and counselling to such Patients and their families, we aim to relieve those distressing physical symptoms. It is almost impossible for the terminally ill patients to come to the hospitals regularly. The home care unit is therefore a vital component of the palliative care service. All services are provided free of charge to the deserving patients and free medicines are also offered specifically to poor patients
Blood Bank
Blood bank is essential for all hospitals.We too have a Blood Bank which is responsible for the safety and supply of blood for transfusions.Since blood components and blood products are inevitable for every day medical care,we provide a blood bank which is fully licenced and having excellent component seperation facilities.Apart from screening blood donors for infectious diseases,such as HIV,VDHL and Hepatities B, using advanced technology,facilities are made available for antilogous transfusion using the patients own blood for transfusion,and blood component therapy ie,transferring only the blood component to the patients needs such as red cells,Plasma,platelet or cryo precipitate
Holistic Medicine
along with the modern medicine, indigeneous systems like Ayurveda, Kalari, Yoga etc. should be promoted and developed. Promoting this a new branch of medicine is also one of our objectives. That fact we hailfrom Kadathanadu has endowed on us the responsibility of finding out enough exposure to ourage old medicinal systems. Research and further studies on the ancient medicinal svstems should be encouraged as a part of this promotional efforts.
Since the dialysis treatments is very expensive, it is almost unattainable for the Poor. The diabetic centre understands all the problem that can arise due to diabetic mellitus and take measures to prevent complications of the diseases, to identify compiications, at the earliest and completely manage it, if necessary under one roof. In order to better serve and communicate with patients we have initiated a dialysis unit in our hospital. In this state of the facility, patients are continuously monitored, to provide smooth and comfortable treatment with a greatly reduced risk of complications.
Medicine Bank
In order to provide the costly life saving medicines to the deserving patients, that too free of cost, we have initiated the concept of medicine bank. We would make a good collection of costly medicines which will enable the poor people to have medication.
Advanced life support Ambulance
Our Mobile ICU equipped with the following facilities,
  • Mobile ICU is a large vehicle and has suifficient place to treat the patient when on wheels.
  • Mobile ICU is air conditioned to avoid the road dust, polluting interior of the vehicle. .
  • The protocols are very rigid like western countries.

Recent Activities